But I don’t wanna!

Back in December when I was doing the #reverb10 thing I talked about wanting to get in awesome shape. Something is holding me back. It’s called sugar.

Sugar is bad, bad, evil, nasty. It messes with our insulin levels, it turns to fat if not burned off quickly, it makes us tired, it causes inflammation in the body, it’s causing rampant diabetes in the country and on and on and on.  I was reminded of the evil of sugar a couple of weekends ago.

Some girlfriends and I went out of our way to visit a bakery in Denver called Cake Crumbs. They have the most amazing cupcakes EVER! One of my pals and I both ordered the Lemon Zippy cupcake. It was surreal – orgasmic even.

And later that day, we both felt like we were going to die. The sugar crash (this cupcake has to have about a pound of sugar – I kid, or do I?) was horrific. When I got home the manfriend was like, “Whoa. Are you okay? What’s going on?” “Cupcake. Need nap. Ugg.” was all I could manage. A text later in the day confirmed it wasn’t just me. ” I had to drink a huge cup of coffee! Strong African coffee that’s like three times as potent.” And hours after eating the offending amazingness, “I continue to be off today. I caught the oven on fire twice. Huh?!?!”

Seriously though, I’m not trying to bash Cake Crumbs – it’s not their fault. It’s sugar’s fault. And every now and then I need a reminder like that to make me feel reinvigorated about cutting out the sugar. I really, really, really need to do it. Really, really. But then I’ll do something like drink my morning matcha green tea without honey or agave and think, “Ouff. That’s not nearly as yummy.” But I’ll get there. I have to. I do too much good to my body to negate it with the evils of sugar.

Have any of you kicked the nasty sugar habit? How’d it go? Any advice? And you can’t talk me into Stevia, don’t even try. That shit is NASTY!

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  1. Sugar is my nemesis. It is a battle I fight daily. Haven’t kicked it yet. Good luck on your mission. I’m eating a twizzler as I type this. :p

  2. Lol, thanks Jamie! I’m fighting off the urge to grab a handful of peanut M&Ms or jellybeans at the moment. Both are easily accessible!

  3. Teresa

     /  February 19, 2011

    Kurt stopped eating sugar-even dried fruit about 2 months ago. Of course he hasn’t cheated once!


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