A new design house

For a person not into clothes, the manfriend owns a ton of them. Most of them are ratty work clothes that he’s had for years – perfect for his job. Some are really nice haute couture things his sister, who has a swanky design job in Manhattan, sends him. You should see some of this stuff, it’s pretty cool. What’s even cooler is that when the manfriend is sporting designer jeans, ridiculously priced vintage T-shirts, vintage cowboy boots, and one of a kind belts originally crafted for Nikki Sixx he has NO idea what any of that means.

What totally boggles his mind is the on-going trend towards ripped, worn-looking clothes. He jokes that he’s totally in style with all of his stained, ripped, trashed work clothes. When I came home with a newly purchased pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, he just laughed. “You paid for those? I have a buncha jeans like that you coulda had for free!”

Now, couple all of that with a pooch who LOVES to shred shit (old clothes the manfriend gives her, mostly. She’s yet to destroy anything inappropriate) and we’ve struck brilliance! We’ll call it Fido Designs. It’ll just be a matter of giving Stella clothing items – jeans, T-shirts, the like – and letting her do her thing.

The hard part will be knowing when to take things away from her before it’s gone too far.

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  1. Sara

     /  February 17, 2011

    Hahah! I have a couple old pairs of jeans that need some updating…think Stella could “design” them for me? :)


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