Worth every penny

I know I just posted about boots. I know. But I love boots.

In fact, I’ve posted a few times about boots (here, and here).

I own a lot of boots. Lemme count…yep…nine pairs not counting my Bogs, hiking boots and Sorrels.

I have a new fave:

Now, I don’t like to play favorites, but these boots leave me no choice. I pined after them for a couple of years (YEARS, people). I just couldn’t justify the cost. Then in job transition I was paid out for some vacation time. Couple that with a $100 gift certificate to Nordstrom and BOO-YAH! They are so comfy (like slippers) and they go with everything.

What I’ve learned with boots is this – spend the money, treat them well, get them re-soled here and there, and they will last you a lifetime. And bottom line? Frye is a great shoemaker and their product is worth every penny.

I have NO buyer’s remorse. I have the opposite and am working hard not to run out and buy these as well:

I fret it’s a loosing battle.

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  1. i love a good boot too and am trying to come around to this “investment” mentality. Maybe for the fall season? You can help me find the right boots for me, eh?

    I love the choices you have here. coveting …

  2. Trust me, the quality and comfort will make you a believer after you bite the bullet for the first time. Yes, I will help you :)

  3. Kenna

     /  February 27, 2011

    I have been LUSTING after those same Frye boots in the top photo.

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