How do moms do it!?

The manfriend and I had a discussion the other day about morning duties around the house. I contend that since I have a ton more to do, he get’s off super easy. However, he does make up for this by cooking most dinners and taking Stella on her big, big walk of the day since he gets home earlier than I do. Nevertheless, as I rattled off all of the things I do in the morning, he stood there stunned. It was pretty funny.

  • Wake up a 6 a.m. (6:20 if I snooze like I like to)
  • Greet man and dog
  • Potty
  • Shower
  • Lotion everything
  • Brush teeth
  • Apply makeup
  • Scritch dog lounging over heat vent
  • Dry/style hair
  • Scritch dog lounging over heat vent
  • Take vitamins and other supplements
  • Make and eat breakfast
  • Clean up breakfast
  • Make morning matcha green tea for drive to work
  • Make afternoon shake
  • Pull together something for lunch
  • Get dressed (sometimes this takes FOREVER. Ladies, you know what I mean)
  • Take Stella out for final poo and kennel her up

Now, that list is just captures the “always do” items. Below are the other tasks that float in:

  • Wash dishes from dinner the night before
  • Do laundry
  • Fill humidifiers
  • Walk dog
  • Clean up dog poo
  • Pack workout bag
  • Straighten the house
  • Get gas on the way to work
  • Hit the bank on the way to work

Here’s what I want to know – how do moms do it? If I had to do all that plus wrangle kids out the door, I’d likely loose my mind. Big props to the moms!

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  1. LOL you silly everyone feels busy, even you childfree folks :) and there is always someone much busier than me, so how could I possibly complain? How do I do it? HAVE TO. Or the cops show up at my house, I think. Least that’s what the parenting manual says. Also, I’m very very very very tired. I go to bed now at like 930p.

    People like you inspire me to take better care of myself, so I thank you for that. xoxo

  2. Well, thanks :) I feel like it’s only because I have some form of “time” to do it!

  3. Aimee Heckel

     /  March 10, 2011

    Priorities, magic and LOTS of coffee. That’s how!

  4. Gretchen

     /  March 10, 2011

    Everything on the list that you have becomes optional… including brushing teeth and showering… sad to say but true… moms can be a disgusting crew :)


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