I really hope my friend Sally doesn’t read this blog. According to her father-in-law, who’s from Mexico, she makes very authentic Posole. She might see this recipe below and yell, “Blaspheme!”

But really authentic Posole (a ritualistic, traditional stew from Mexico) can be a day long endeavor. I don’t gots that kind of time, people. So this recipe my mom sent me is perfect. The manfriend and I are currently addicted to it. The last batch I made ended up in everything that week – on top of breakfast eggs, over top of burritos like green chili, in another dish we made to add extra flavor. It’s pretty amazing stuff.


6 cups chicken broth
2 15 oz. cans of white hominy, drained
2 15 oz. cans stewed tomatoes, with juice
2 7 oz. cans green chilies
1 10 oz can mild enchilada sauce
2 tsp. dried oregano
1 whole onion, diced and lightly sauteed
4 shakes of cumin
Meat from 1 chicken, diced
Garlic to taste

1. Put all ingredients in a large pot and simmer for 1 hour.


  • I buy a rotisserie chicken from the store and use that (so quick and easy)
  • I also add in 2 Tbs. agave and lime juice to taste
  • We garnish with cilantro
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