Mirror, mirror on the wall

Well, it’s been EONS since I did an Etsy post. Sorry about that. I think I got a little burnt out. However, I couldn’t pass up blogging about a new shop.

My sister’s friend Sanja is a very creative and stylish person. She’s an interior designer and also makes these amazing mosaic mirrors. My sister, Mallory, had one commissioned for our little bro’s wedding gift. I’ve not yet seen it, but I’m sure it’s amazing. Mallory also has one hanging in her house and I just love that thing!

At Mallory’s birthday get-together last year my mom and Sanja got to talking about these mirrors. Mom suggested that Sanja start selling them on Etsy. Low and behold, she’s opened a shop! My mom takes full credit for the idea and it seems as though Sanja’s willing to give it to her. I, of course, take credit on telling my mom about Etsy. So really, I’m the one who got this all started. Ha. See how that works?

If you do nothing other than go and look, you won’t be sorry you did. Some day soon I’ll have one of these puppies hanging in my house. I just know it!

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