Welcome home?

Well, there’s just nothing better than complete, utter relaxation, which is a guarantee at Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway, Colorado. I was just there for a quick, mini vacation with my sister and all I can say about the experience is ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I just love that place. It’s so picturesque with it’s amazing views of the San Juan mountain range. The grounds are well kept, the hot springs are the best I’ve found, and the town of Ridgway is cute and had some great restaurants. I could just rave on and on. The downside? The 7 hour drive. Although we did decide that if it were closer, we might take it for granted.

Driving home I was, naturally, excited to see the manfriend and the poo (Stella’s most common nickname). And they were excited to see me. Until Stella realized that beta was back and she was, again, omega. No more sleeping on the bed, no more undivided attention from the alpha. That’s when the shenanigans started – anything she could do to try to assert herself as dominant over me. Things like trying to walk through doors in front of me, not following commands, trying to crawl on top of me and sit on me, etc. So I had to give her the smack-down. Not a literal smack-down. A doggy smack-down, which means I rolled her on her back and forced her into a submissive position.

The shenanigans have stopped. But she’s a bit aloof with me right now. Who would have thought that four days away would have such an impact? Little brat.

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