The evolution of a pooch

Stella is becoming quite the grown up doggy. She doesn’t even sleep in her kennel anymore! However, she refuses to sleep in her bed at the end of our bed. She prefers her bed to be next to the manfriend or she starts to whine. The moon is hung in that man’s tukis according to Stella. The huge upside to her new kennelessness at night is that she’s more willing to chill in her bed on weekend mornings and let us sleep. Bliss.

After months of apprehension about getting in the water, she’s a full-on swimmer now. Her new favorite game is to dodge the hose water the manfriend sprays at her when they spend hours in the yard during the evenings and weekends. It’s pretty cute to watch. And it helps keep her cool. That black coat of hers really heats up in the sun. It makes us nervous about summer hikes and backpacking.

She’s also becoming very good about letting us know what her needs are. For example, when she needs her nails trimmed, she starts chewing on them. Like, “Hey, you, you see this? These are way too long. Could you help a gal out, cuz this chewing thing ain’t working out so well.”

Next up, we’re going to start weening her off the kennel when we’re not home. The manfriend’s ready to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. I prefer to take the low, slow approach – leaving her for an hour here and there and then building up to it. However, I’m fairly certain she’ll be fine. In fact, I’d bet money on one of two scenarios: she’ll either lie at the top of the stairs watching the door like,  “Um, guys? Did you forget something? Hello?” or she’ll lay at the back door watching the goings on in the yard, which has become her new favorite past time.

She looks so grown up!


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