5 things I’m loving right now

Weekend? What weekend? I spent Saturday running 14 errands. Kid you not. Speaking of kids, when I was one I was always amazed that there were errands to do. Mom: “Hey ladies, how was school? Oh, and we need to run a few errands before heading home.” Us: “Errands? We just did errands yesterday. And the day before. Can’t we just go home and watch Little House on the Prairie?”  Now I get it and I’m grateful I don’t have whiney kids in tow!
  1. Dinner with friends on Friday night. Well, that and the lovely wine we drank.
  2. Pupusas restaurant in North Boulder. Hit the spot!
  3. The ability to sleep in until 10 a.m. Although, it took a noticeable chunk out of the day. Could it be I’m starting to see the value of getting my ass up and getting to it? Noooooooooooo…
  4. Cooler, cloudy weather on Sunday making spring clean-up of the yard more enjoyable.
  5. Seeing things come alive in the garden. It’s going to be so beautiful out there, guys!
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