Stella goes to daycare

Yesterday was Stella’s first day at doggy daycare. We took her to a cool place just right up the street from us called Happy Hounds.

The manfriend and I were all worried and worked up like regular parents. Would she get along with the other dogs? Would one of them hump her? Would she catch some nastiness from the other filthy beasts? Would she get a good nap? Would she feel abandoned and scared?

As she and the manfriend prepared to leave and drop her off, we could tell she was a bit confused. Leaving with him that early is definitely NOT part of her routine. Neither is him bringing along a lunch and her Kong for nap time. But she went willingly (she’d follow that guy anywhere) and was very excited when they reached the daycare.

Throughout the day, I kept wondering if I’d get a call that something had happened and she needed to be picked up. And it dawned on me…as much as I think I would go bat shit crazy as a stay-at-home mom (no offense to those of you who do it – I really do think it’s a very important and under-appreciated job), I wonder how working moms get anything done and don’t spend their day worrying. I guess maybe they do.

By all accounts she did great! She made a new friend, one who looks exactly like her, incidentally. She was well mannered and very sweet according to the staff. She was also very excited to see the manfriend when he came to pick her up and was a tad wound up for a bit afterwards. All in all, her big adventure went well and she’ll be going back.

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