5 things I’m loving right now

I heard a lot of griping this past weekend about the wet weather. I say BRING IT! If all this rain helps lift the fire ban so camp fires are possible, I hope it rains for the rest of May. Don’t tell the manfriend I said that. The rain and cool weather thwarted his plans to finish planting all his veggies this weekend. He was forced to exert his energy cleaning the house instead. I’ll not lie – him cleaning the house was a turn-on.

  1. Fresh mixed greens, radishes, and Hakiuri turnips from the garden. This time last year we were just back from Mexico and barely had plants in the ground. Fast forward a year and we’re already eating from the garden!
  2. A good time at the Rockie’s game with my sister, nephew, and parents.
  3. Getting my hair did! We chopped off a good 4 inches and it feels good.
  4. Lanolin lip goop from Rebecca’s Apothecary. 
  5. My fun new dress for summer, which I can’t link to because it appears to be sold out. Sorry! But Forever 21 has a ton of other cute dresses you should check out! Like this one, this one, and this one.
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