Stella in-depth

We have a teenager now (even though she still looks like a puppy). How do I know? Because she’s more independent and spending less and less time trying to crawl in my lap. In the evenings, she’ll be in her bed in the bedroom while the manfriend and I are in the living room. Or she’s totally content to lay around the backyard by herself. I kinda miss having her underfoot all the time. She’s also letting us know who she is and what she does and doesn’t like in no uncertain terms!


  • Raspberries
  • Purposely dropping a ball in the creek and chasing it
  • Blowing bubbles under the water
  • Watching a toilet flush
  • Watching the humans shower
  • Pooping on my plants – not the vegetable garden, which is a good thing


  • The trash truck
  • The vacuum
  • Chicken-flavored food
  • Getting her nails trimmed
  • Excessive kisses to the head and face (tough noogies, pup. I ain’t stopping! Not especially when the top of your head smells so good. Odd.)
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  1. Ma

     /  May 20, 2011

    Hilarious pic -what a cutie!


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