5 things I’m loving right now…

Whew! That was a whirl-wind, action-packed, fun weekend! I love long weekends. I think every weekend should be three days long. But after that three day weekend, I could use another day. We did a lot this weekend and I’m pooped! The only downside to this weekend was how freaked Stella was by the fireworks, which began in our neighborhood (illegally, of course) Saturday afternoon and didn’t end until the early morning hours on the 5th. Poor thing just sits there, between your legs, panting and shaking. Next year, I think we’ll get some doggy drugs and bomb her out. Otherwise, it was a blast. Ha! Blast.

  1. Awesome ribs with good friends on a hot night.
  2. Watching 3rd of July fireworks with the fam in Erie. They didn’t start until after 10 p.m. (!), but they were worth the wait.
  3. Long naps in an air conditioned house.
  4. This beer. So refreshing! And it comes in a can, which makes it a great camping beer.
  5. BBQ’s with good friends and chowing down on gazpacho, potato salad, grilled shrimp, grilled artichokes, chips & quac – all while playing all-terrain bocce ball our yard.
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