Veggie packets of awesomeness

Before our most recent camp excursion I did a ton of meal prep. There was the usual camp junk in my food box (Annie’s Mac & Cheese, chips, fruit leathers) but I also wanted some healthy options.

For example, I made chicken salad:

  1. Buy a rotisserie chicken at the store and break that motha’ down
  2. Chop celery (about 4 stalks)
  3. Make up a batch of The Best Sauce Ever
  4. Mix it altogether and voila!

I pre-made omelets in muffin tins for breakfast. They were a total fail. I’m going to try these again and when I get it right, I’ll let you know.

But the best of the pre-made food where veggie packets inspired by an email from my mom:

  1. Skin and cut 4-5 red potatoes
  2. Cut up 1 onion (I’m LOVING the Vidala’s in the store lately)
  3. Cut the ends of green beans and then cut them into 2 inch bites (about a pound)
  4. Throw all of this in a bowl and coat with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic
  5. Portion this out onto heavy duty tinfoil (a must for the campfire) and wrap into little packets.

The amounts above made 3 nice sized packets for 3 nights of heaven.

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