5 things I’m loving right now…

I spent a lot of time thinking about Sophie this past weekend. Thinking about all of the memories and all of the habits that are now changing for my parents. My mom sent me home with Sophie’s beds and some toys for Stella. Stella FREAKED when I brought everything in the house on Saturday. She was so danged excited! When Sophie came to visit in April, Stella fell in love with her bed. We’d have to kick her out of it on a regular basis so Sophie could get in it to sleep. Combine that with the smells of Sophie, a good buddy, all over everything and Stella was very excited. And then she got sort of confused. Where was Sophie? Until I can wash the copious dog hair off everything, the beds are in the basement. Stella goes down there about 10 times a day to check them out. So, it was a rough weekend to be sure. But there were some good bits, too:

  1. Roundhouse Gin from Boulder.
  2. 7 layer dip. I could live on nachos and nothing else. 7 layer dip gives you the perfect balance of all nacho ingredients on each chip. Brilliance!
  3. All of the understanding, supportive folks in my life.
  4. The whole-house fan that keeps our house cool on hot summer nights.
  5. An excellent foreign film, Seraphine, based on a true story. Her works are amazing.
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  1. awww thanks so much for sharing your memories about Sophie.

    also — tell me more about this whole house fan! I am thinking about getting one.

    • Thanks for reading :) It’s this great fan that’s mounted in our attic. When we open the windows, it pulls the cool air outside indoors and pulls the hot air into the attic. It’s spectacular! It’s really only something you can use, however, when the air outside is cooler than the air inside. Otherwise you’re just pulling in hot air. You should totally look into it! We’re lucky enough to have that AND AC, but there have been days when the AC never comes on and we just grin and bear it until we can turn on the whole-house fan.


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