Put down that Sharpie!

I live with a labeler. And I don’t mean a person who judges others. I mean a person who writes on things to label them. Bizarre thing.

It used to say French Roast ONLY! Now, I don’t drink coffee. And the manfriend doesn’t do the grocery shopping, usually. We both know that he really only likes a dark French roast. So…who is he afraid will put something other than French roast in there?

Exhibit B:
“So, what happens when we put something other than Sauerkraut in here?” I ask.
“Well, I think I’ll be able to tell that it’s not Sauerkraut.”
“Um, couldn’t you have told this was Sauerkraut without labeling it?”
“You know that makes no sense, right?”

But most recently, the labeling has taken a new turn. It’s pretty amusing…

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  1. Ma

     /  August 16, 2011


  2. i pity da fooh, honey bear.

    • I’m told he’s a beatnik goth dude. Soon he will have a wallet with a chain. The poor bear is having an identity crisis.


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