5 things I’m loving right now…

What amazing weather this weekend! Well, aside from getting dumped on at Folks Fest on Friday night! Otherwise, it was a beautiful, busy, and lovely weekend! Here’s what I loved in particular…

  1. Hanging with some of my favorite peeps at the festival. The festival grounds are amazing, the food was great (love me a good Gyro!) and the wine was flowing!
  2. Spending 11 hours with my parentals on Saturday and enjoying every minute of it! Even sitting in traffic. I love those guys!
  3. A good decision to get out of traffic and have a nice dinner at El Diablo in Denver.
  4. Sleeping in late and having the whole bed to myself! Man and Poo were camping and as much as I missed them, having the house to myself for a bit was luscious.
  5. The 10 batches of homemade pesto in our freezer. I figure we’ll get another 20 batches out of the basil in the yard. Need a good diary-free recipe for pesto? Try here. Making this with raw almonds, instead of pine nuts, and no Parmesan makes it really affordable to put up that much pesto.
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