Road Trip – Part II

The second part of our trip took us into Pagosa Springs and then just right out of Pagosa Springs to camp.

When we decided on a road trip, I warned the manfriend that we’d likely need to stay in a hotel or two along the way. I gots to shower here and there, people! Not to mention, a bed is a good thing from time to time. So as we rolled out of the Dunes and towards Pagosa Springs, I made a reservation at a hotel right across the street from this place.

The drive was not super long and took us over Wolf Creek pass. Man, that mother is intense! Not one I’d want to drive in the winter. We rolled into town, checked-in, found some lunch, took a nice long nap, went for a walk along the river and up a hiking trail to get a good view of the town.

Then we showered and had some dinner. After that, I headed to the hot springs while the manfriend crashed out. The springs were nice and felt good to the bod! But the fact that they’re pretty much right on the main drag (semis passing by and all) is unfortunate.

The following morning we headed out early and made for the woods. Now, before I go further, I have to share two tidbits with you.

  1. The night we spent in Pagosa had me grumbling about the manfriend’s lack of chivalry. I had to go out to the car late at night, alone, to get something out of the car and was pissy he didn’t do it for me.
  2. Whenever we camp it’s like my digestive track has a pow-wow ahead of time. I think it goes something like this:
    “Now listen up, troops. We’re about to head out in the woods where major evacuation requires the digging of a hole and other actions that are a pain in the ass.” (a giggle from the background) “Damnit, stomach, keep it together, man! This is important! Therefore, all big business should be reserved for a proper, ahem, drop point.”

Keep those in mind.

We found a lovely spot, set up camp, and I settled into my favorite camping activity – reading!

The manfriend and Stella headed out to do wood “recon” (his word, not mine). As I sat there crying over the ending of The Host I noticed Stella running back into camp. “Hi Stelly-roo! How are you sweet g…what the?!” I looked past her at the manfriend running into camp with a tight look on his face. “Bear. Big one. Get her in the car.”

Apparently they had happened upon this:

A giant, VERY fresh pile of bear shit. The manfriend looked up and about 20 feet away was a large black bear climbing a tree. Stella didn’t spot it, but was hesitant to follow him to get the hell outta there, so he did what you’re not supposed to do and started running. And of course she followed him then. I love that he took a photo of crap. Who does that?

Once Stella and I were in the car, he went scouting to see if he could locate it (great) and if it had moved on. When he got back and started to tell me the story I cut him off. “Dude. I have to poop. Like RIGHT NOW.” But of course.

So there I am, in bear infested woods in flip-flops with a huge shovel (those personal sanitary shovels from REI are pointless) trying to chip away at the dry, hard earth while the manfriend stood by as a look out (a respectable distance away, mind you). “Hey, you want me to dig your hole for you?”

And there it is, mountain-man, middle-of-nowhere chivalry. He has it. It’s there. Just not in the traditional sense.

About 30 minutes later there Mr. Bear was again, just ambling up the road. We didn’t see him again after that, but you can believe we were on high-alert until we left the next morning!

Road Trip – Part I

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  1. Piper

     /  September 13, 2011

    Love this post!!!!! And I can’t tell you how psyched I am that you read the Host, did you enjoy?

    • Thanks, Piper :) I thought of you when I read it because I remember you recommending it. I did like it! She has such an engaging way of writing. I read that sucker in a little over 3 days and had to stop to by more books on our trip! I’d expected that puppy to last the whole week, but I could barely put it down.


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