It’s funny because the manfriend and I basically don’t have nicknames for each other. But we have so many for Stella that she rarely hears her own actual name.

  1. Stells
  2. Stelly
  3. Stelly-Roo
  4. Poo-Stelly-Roo
  5. Poo
  6. The Poops
  7. Omega
  8. Meat Mouth
  9. Death Breath (a nickname that came from the trip after we forgot to bring things for her to chew – a.k.a. things to clean her teeth. She would yawn in the tent and it was like something had died in there. We had to stop for Greenies and a bone to rectify that shit.)
  10. Treat with Feet (another nickname from the trip after the manfriend suggested we throw the ball up and down the road where we spotted the bear. I said, “What, so she can run around like a treat for him?” “Yeah, a treat with feet!” was the response).

Incidentally, part III and the finale of the road trip will be coming to you shortly. Sorry for the delay!

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