Road Trip – Part III

For the third leg of our road trip we hit up Durango. Again, the drive from Pagosa Springs to Durango was pretty short, which was nice. Long days in the car can be so draining! Stella loves it, however.

What we noticed on the trip is that she was happiest either in the car (we have a bed in there for her and everything. Not surprised, huh?) or running around the campsite. When in the car, she mostly likes to sit up and watch the road. Or me. I would catch her staring at me a lot. Something she had a look of love on her face. Other times it was more like, “How do I get rid of her and have the Alpha all to myself. Think. Think! There has to be a way!”

When we hit Durango the first thing we did was check-in at the hotel. I found it on Trip Advisor – a site that has never let me down. Until now. We were looking for something affordable that allowed dogs. This place got 3.5 stars out of 5, which seemed okay considering our other criteria. Plus, it was just for one night. No biggie, right?

When we pulled in, the manfriend said, “Well, this is quaint. Ish.” And so we decided to give it a shot. While checking-in, the dude at the counter informs us that a motorcycle rally was starting that day in the Durango area. Um, sweet?

Incidentally, what the hell do people do at a biker rally? From what we could tell it was a lot of aging, pot-bellied men on Harley’s standing around looking at bikes, wiping their bikes with the fur of baby animals (not really, but I wouldn’t put it past them), talking about bikes, and drinking beer. It all looks very boring to me.

We parked our car (next to about 15 bikes) and cracked the door to our room. It was…ah…well…gross. The overbearing smell of chlorine was some consolation that disinfecting had occurred, but the rest was just so bad from the cigarette burn (non-smoking room, mind you) in the comforter, to the rust on all metal surfaces. It was one of those rooms where you just don’t want to touch anything, sit on anything, walk around barefoot, etc.

I felt so bad leaving Stella in there alone while we went for lunch. We were gone for all of 30 minutes, but you could tell she was scarred for life. To note, if you find yourself in Durango, go to Texas BBQ and get a Texas taco. It’s amazing. Be warned, however, that it will sit in your gut like a brick. It was a good 8 hours before the thought of food sounded appealing.

Then we showered (oh, how I longed for shower shoes a la a college dorm scenario) and did the manfriend’s favorite thing – headed in to town! (Serious sarcasm here, people. We could have kissed the outskirts of towns for gas alone, never setting foot in a hotel, restaurant, or shop and he would have been seriously happy. Like the dog, he prefers the car or campsites. No wonder they love each other so much. Lesson learned.) Durango is a really cute town! And I found a really cool ring made with crazy lace agate at Lanka Blue and a cute dress at one of 800 boutiques. I didn’t plan on doing any shopping, but sometimes the window displays show you just the right things!

When the afternoon rain storm started, we headed back to our nasty hotel to rest for a bit. It’s hard to rest on a bed you really hope doesn’t have bed bugs in a hotel with Harley’s roaring in the parking lot. Soon, we just couldn’t stand it and headed out for a walk. And what a view we found!

Lovely valley, no?

By the time the walk was over, we were ready for some more grub and ended up at Himalaya’s for some killer Indian food. Then it was back to the hotel to sleep. Or attempt to, at any rate. We were up and outta there by 7 a.m. the next morning without a glance backward.

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