5 things I’m loving right now…

We celebrated my birthday this weekend with a BBQ, breakfast at Turley’s, and a trip to REI to locate the jacket I’ll be receiving from the manfriend as a gift. Gift giving and receiving as an adult is sort of an odd thing. For example, my parents gift was given to me in June. And I clearly know what I’m getting from the manfriend, which is good and bad. It means I get to pick exactly what I want, but it means there’s no surprise what-so-ever. I guess that’s how it works when we’re giving or receiving things of more value instead of trinkety toys and crap. At any rate, it was a good weekend!

  1. Awesome kale salad (I’ll post the recipe soon).
  2. Finally using my fire pit for the first time. A nice evening, a lovely fire, my friend Travis on his resonator, a good group of peeps – it was fun!
  3. Huevos Rancheros. YUM!
  4. The promise of a new winter coat. My current one has served me well for about 10 years (literally), but it’s having issues and it’s time to move on.
  5. Lazy afternoons with the man and poo.
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