The big city!

Can you believe, that at the age of 35, I’d never been to New York City? Well, the manfriend’s sister lives there so we decided to take a long weekend and go see her. It was the least relaxing vacation I’ve ever taken – there’s just TOO much to do – but we had a great time!

On the first day we started off in Central Park (I could spend a whole day there)…

…and then moved on to Rockefeller Center and saw Prometheus and the fountains and got the best salted caramels from Teuscher Chocolates. Then we rounded the corner and saw Atlas.

Then we did a 180 and went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Now, visiting this landmark was not high on my “must do” list, but I’m SO glad that we did. We walked in the door and I was on the verge of tears in a matter of seconds. It’s absolutely breathtaking. We spent a good hour in there just soaking it all in. I’m not a religious person, but attending a Christmas Mass is on my bucket list. Now I want to attend it at St. Patrick’s.

Go Google St. Patrick’s and look at the images. They do this place much better justice that I can.

Then we ate some grub and headed to see Spiderman on Broadway. This production got some bad press at the beginning of the year because the first version was stupid. They re-worked it and now it’s AMAZING! The manfriend’s sister designed all of the merchandise for the show and her boss is one of the producers. We were lucky enough to be given some spectacular tickets and loved every minute of the show. The costumes, the sets, the flying actors above our heads – thrilling! And the guy who plays The Green Goblin is worth going for alone!

I’ll tell you, walking out of that show and into Times Square is crazy! So many people and lights! It was overwhelming.

The next day I met up with my uncle, aunt, and cousins who drove in from Long Island for the day. We had a lovely lunch and then went to the Chelsey Market and then up to do The High Line walk. It used to be a railroad 30 feet off the ground back in the day. Now it’s a park.

Then we walked down along the Hudson and took in the views. Next it was off to see Rock of Ages. Again, tickets courtesy of the manfriend’s sister. The show was so much fun! It’s like being at a rock concert on Broadway but including a fun, comical  storyline. I have a major crush on the main character, Drew, as played by Dan Domenech. Such a cutie!

The next day was more sightseeing including the Wall Street protesters, what we could make out of the 911 Memorial (which wasn’t much hence no photos), the fire fighter’s memorial, and Battery Park.

But again, my favorite site of the day was a church. St. Thomas church was magnificent, but didn’t hold the same weight for me as St. Patrick’s. But the stained glass, oh how lovely!

That night we hung out with our lovely host, a family friend kind enough to put us up in her Apartment on Bleecker Street in The Village. After dinner, the manfriend and I snuck up to her rooftop deck to take in the lights, including the Empire State Building.

The following day, the manfriend and his mom departed for Vermont and I went shopping on 5th Avenue. Such a high-roller, right? Ha! And I took my favorite picture of the trip…

And then it was off to the airport.

Honestly, I don’t think I walk as much in a month as I did in four days in NYC! I was dog tired when I got home. It’s hard to sleep there with all the noise. But I can’t wait to go back. Next time I want to make sure to spend more time in Central Park as well as hit up the main branch of the Public Library. And stuff myself with Pinkberry. Honestly, I’m glad there isn’t one of those nearby home. That stuff is trouble!

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    this is on my bucket list — attending the Christmas candlelight service at Ryssby. Wanna be my date, hotstuff?

  2. Ooh! Candlelight? Yes, yes I do :) Do we have to get tix?


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