Mother nature takes sides

I love living in an older house because it means we have mature landscaping such as five mature trees on our property. That also means a lot of raking, but that’s another story.

We have a maple tree that the manfriend detests because it shades parts of the garden. He’s been wanting to lop the top of that sucker off for several years and I’ve been a firm advocate that we NOT do that.

Well, the wet nasty snow storm we’re currently experiencing took all decision making out of our hands this morning:

And so there you have proof that mother nature takes sides. I loose.

Oh, and on the other side of the yard? Right before I left this morning for work I noticed a HUGE branch dangling by a thread. When that suckers goes, it will take a large chunk of the fence with it. Fence the manfriend will have to then repair. Boo yah!

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