5 things I’m loving right now…

Man, the week can not go fast enough! I’m ready for a huge meal with family and a few days off! This past weekend was a busy one as we prepped for Thanksgiving. I like to get my grocery shopping done a head of time so I’m not in there with every other fool and their mother Wednesday night. But it was a good weekend filled with lots of good stuff and what I’m loving from it is…

  1. Good, funny movies like Horrible Bosses. We enjoyed a good a laugh!
  2. Snuggles with my nephew. I’ll take them as long as he’s willing to give them.
  3. Celebrating my dad’s 76th. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating his 75th!
  4. Black chai tea with a squirt of agave and some coconut milk nog. It’s about the best thing ever.
  5. Making a double batch of chili so we have plenty of leftovers to freeze.
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