5 things I’m loving right now…

Well, today marks my fifth day off of work in a row. All I can say is aaaaaahhhhhh! This past weekend was great! We enjoyed a nice holiday on Thursday and then plenty of rest and relaxation mixed in with getting stuff done. My parents have been out of town, so we’ve been watching their new pooch, Yaya (more on that later), and she and Stella have been a delight. Here are my favorite bits:

  1. A lovely meal prepared by the manfriend and I and shared with good peeps. Somehow we timed everything perfectly and cooked at a pace that made it a relaxing day.
  2. Long walks with Stella and Yaya. The weather was amazing and these two girls walk well together.
  3. An afternoon at the movies to see Breaking Dawn. Yes, I’m a Twilight fan. NOT a Twihard, just a fan. It’s a pretty good movie, ya’ll.
  4. A relaxing afternoon making these. I still can not manage to make this without all the hex nuts going wonky. It’s about to drive me mad!
  5. Leftovers. We’ve had a lovely soup and some amazing tacos with our leftovers. What did you do with your leftovers?
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