How to clean with oil

So, I did an odd thing this weekend. I gave myself an oil facial. Seems counter-intuitive, right?

Well, let me tell you, my skin felt amazing afterwards! It felt soft and hydrated. And the key to good skin around these dry parts is hydration. I once had a dermatologist tell me that you can take the same woman, same amount of wrinkles, and she will always look more youthful if her skin is hydrated.

Now, if you have finicky skin that runs and bit oily anyways, there’s a blend for that, so no worries. I would encourage you to check out this site for more details.

As a note, I chose to steam my skin over a pot of hot water on the stove versus applying a hot towel – just personal preference I guess. Unlike the woman in the post linked above, I’m not sure I’ll do this on a daily basis as my cleanser, but I’ll definitely do it a few times a week.

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