#Reverb11 – Zsa Zsa Zsu

{For the month of December a fellow blogger, Melanie, and I are leading  #reverb11 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one.}

December 4. Zsa Zsa Zsu: Who is your celebrity crush? What do you think makes someone crush-worthy?

I’ve really pondered this one and I don’t think I have a celebrity crush, per se. There are people, men and women, I see in movies and such and think, “Wow! What a hottie!” Like Chris Hemsworth in “Thor” or Zooey Deschanel in pretty much anything, but I can’t say I have a crush. Another that comes to mind is Jerrod Niemann in his video for Lover, Lover.

Now, I’ve had crushes in the past when I was younger. Man, I had a dire crush on Matthew McConaughey for years! He’s just dead sexy in “A Time to Kill”. And that scene in “Legends of the Fall” when Brad Pitt rides up on his horse and tips his hat, well it always makes me gasp.

But here’s the thing, you get to know any one of these people and the facade might fall. To me, at my ripe old age (ha), part of what makes a person crush worthy is their personality, their humanity, their sense of humor, their tenderness and with celebrities, you just don’t really get a sense of that.

But, I will say that if I had to answer this question, under the threat of death (!) I would pick Chris Hemsworth. Just watch this interview (oh my, that accent) and tell me he’s not on fire!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

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