#Reverb11 – Decide

{For the month of December a fellow blogger, Melanie, and I are leading  #reverb11 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one.}

December 14. Decide: Describe a decision you made that was difficult for you and what was the outcome? How did you feel about it afterwards?

In early 2011 I decided I had to stop working out so hard. I had been in the gym busting my ass with this dude since late summer, 2009. I was in the best shape of my life and loving how fit and healthy I felt. And then I was in a bad accident and the damage to my body meant I couldn’t keep up anymore. I took some time off right after the accident and tried to return to my workouts for a while in early 2011, but it just wasn’t working. I couldn’t keep up, I was slowing others down, and the workouts were just too much.

It was a hard decision to back off. Working out that hard is really what it takes to make my body respond, or so it seems. Peter and my fellow workout partners held me accountable, something I’ve come to realize is really important for me, and I enjoyed the camaraderie and the stress relief that came from pushing myself that hard. I was really worried about the backslide I would experience in my health, my fitness, and my weight. And I have experienced all of those things and it sucks. It’s taken a toll on my self esteem and my overall opinion of my body, which has been in the dumper since the accident anyway.

I continue to do yoga and added in rehabilitative Pilates this fall and those two things are helping, but I long for the day when I’m healthy enough to really push my body to the max. I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude and believe that workouts like that are on my horizon, but it’s hard when you feel crappy.

What about you guys, what did you give up?

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  1. Great post, Annie. I love your honesty. Thanks for sharing this. xoxo

  2. Thanks, doll!


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