Snow Day

I’m taking a little break from #Reverb11 today. So far I’ve done every prompt. Today’s prompt is: December 22. Innocence: In the past year, did you have a defining experience with and pet or child? How has it changed you? I pretty much covered this in this post. So there you have it.

We have a snow day today and I’m psyched. See I love snow. I love living in Colorado. But I hate driving in the snow. HATE. It seems that all the bozos on the road who go 10 under when the roads are dry go 10 over when the roads are crap and that just scares the snot out of me. So, what I really prefer to do when it’s snowing is stay home, drink tea, read, relax, snuggle the dog, etc.

Here’s how I spent my day:

Staring at my lovely tree.

Snuggling Stella (yes, on the couch. We’ve caved…again). She smells like Fritos, but I love snuggling her anyway.

Walking the pooch in the snow. She had a blast.

Reading and drinking mug after mug after mug of tea.

Watching Love Actually.

Working out with these people.

I have the next five days off. This added bonus day makes it feel super indulgent! Thank you, Mother Nature!

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