A brand new year!

I remember ringing in 2000 like it was yesterday. How have 11 years come and gone so quickly?

We tend to lay low on New Years Eve around our house. The two times I went out on the town to party it up for New Years were disastrous. It’s totally amateur night. So I much prefer to have a relaxing, quiet night instead. Past NYEs have been spent with family and friends either at our home or theirs, but not out with the masses to be sure.

Last night the manfriend and I decided to spend the evening together. We went to the Dicken’s Tavern in Longmont for dinner and it was great! I had a lovely salad, lobster risotto, and chocolate torte along with a few glasses of Riesling. It was divine!

And then we came home and just relaxed while discussing 2011 – the ups and downs that come with every passing year – and what we hoped for 2012. Somehow, amazingly, we made it to midnight glad to be spending it together.

My biggest goals for 2012 are as follows:

  • Head back to the Orvis Hotsprings this spring with my sister.
  • Head out to Tennessee to hang out with my little nephew after he arrives.
  • Do more camping this year.
  • Make more headway on Mission Less Grass, More Awesome.
  • Make more headway on updates to the house.
  • Start and complete my photo gallery.
  • Spend a nice, long day at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
  • Learn how to meditate.
  • Go to a yoga retreat at Shoshoni in Rollinsville, CO.
  • Take a nice vacation with the manfriend. Perhaps another road trip? Northern Colorado? Grand Canyon? Nearby National Parks?
  • Take my nephew to The Nutcracker ballet at Christmas.
  • Go see the Christmas lights at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

What are your plans for 2012?

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