Weekend Mornings

Here’s how a weekend morning goes in our house.

At about 6:30 a.m. Stella starts watching us like a hawk from her bed. ANY sign of life or movement elicits a little, baby whine from her. After a few of these, she will get up and groan out a stretch signaling the need to do some business in the yard. The manfriend then gets up, takes her outside and feeds her. Sometimes he returns to bed, sometimes not.

Take this past Sautrday for example. He did return to bed and then we proceeded to sleep for several more hours. (Parents reading this blog now hate me.) Throughout those several hours, Stella would softly, quickly eek out a whine at regular intervals. So, at less frequent intervals, one of us tells her to shut it.

I finally got up around 9:30 while he continued to sleep until a teenager hour. I brought her out of the room with me and shut the door. He was fighting a cold and needed all the sleep he could get. So then she lays by the door producing the same little whines until he gets up or I throw her in the backyard.

She can not be contented or quiet until both of us are up and moving about. It’s equal parts annoying and cute.

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  1. Oh, I failed to mention something important…once we’re both up and in the kitchen/living room area, Stella usually goes back to the bedroom, lies down on her bed and goes back to sleep. Brat!


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