The tale of a purse

I’ve been on the hunt for a new purse for sometime. And I got some great feedback via this post on this particular bag:

So I set about finding it, which was no easy task. A VERY long story short, I finally tracked it down at place called The Purse Addict in San Diego. Once I had all the details and confirmation that this very nice store owner could help me track this baby down I turned it all over to my mom. It was to be a Christmas present, you see.

So she called and while ordering the purse above for me was talked into this baby below:

Except the version she ordered is more a maroon/reddish leather. Anyway, when the bags arrived she knew there was a problem. The one meant for me was TINY. Like a third the size we both assumed it would be. In all my searching I never saw dimensions given or a photo of the bag on a model so I assumed it was generously sized. Wrong-o.

Now, I carry large bags. Large enough that small children could ride inside. A week before Christmas I was at my folks’ and saw the reddish purse my mom was carrying. “Well, that’s cute!” I said. “You want it?” My mom responded. “The purse I ordered for you, well, I don’t think you’re going to like it. You want to see it?” So she pulled it out and my little heart broke a bit. I knew in an instant it wouldn’t work for me. So I hesitantly took her up on her offer of the other purse. “Are you sure? Won’t this little guy drive you nuts?” I asked, but she assured me it was fine.

So the reddish purse was wrapped up as my Christmas gift. While opening presents the story emerged and my sister asked to see the purse I was originally supposed to receive. When my mom pulled it out, her eyes lit up. “That’s a perfect purse!” she said. “You want it?” my mom asked. “I HATE this purse. It’s just too small.”

So, because my mom is insanely generous and will pretty much do anything for her kids, my sister and I ended up with new purses and she got handily gypped out of both of them. Thanks mom!

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  1. Ma

     /  January 10, 2012

    awww shucks – my little chickadees are happy! So I’m happy!


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