Conversations with men

It all started with my comment that I don’t like the crunch of snow under my feet. Some people were on board (hi Sara!) and some thought I was crazy (Diane and Patricia, here’s looking at you!). My little brother was very upset.

Logan: You are closely approaching a spot on my communist list for not liking the sound of crunching snow. We are very much alike but not in this regard. I SEEK OUT crunchy snow to walk through…ESPECIALLY at night! You’re weird!!

Me: Ever notice how it also has a squeak to it? It’s not just a crunch. There’s a squeak and that’s the part I really don’t like.

And then there was a phone conversation where he threatened never to speak to me again. I dutifully explained, again, that it’s more the squeak than the crunch and that it doesn’t always happen.

Then came this text:

Logan: I just walked ALL over our driveway, which is covered in about a centimeter of iced snow just to hear it CRUNCH! Didn’t hear a squeak though.

Me: You’re hilarious! It’s not all snow…only certain kinds and certain depths.

Logan: Jesus. I want a dissertation on the matter with data analysis and graphs and shit.

I bust out laughing and explained the scenario to the manfriend who says:

Manfriend: Yeah, it’s not all snow. Has to be a certain kind at a certain temperature.

Dude just threw temperature into the mix!

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  1. Ma

     /  January 13, 2012

    Walking on crunchy snow is one of my top 10 things I love to do.
    What’s the matter with you?!


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