Confession Thursday

  1. I swear I’ll get off this topic soon…you know what else has the crunch/squeak thing going on? Vlasik Bread & Butter pickles. I love these things – they’re like candy, but I can hardly eat them anymore because, think about it. The squeak is happening in my MOUTH!
  2. I’ve been systematically unsubscribing to people’s status updates in Facebook. I don’t have the balls, yet, to unfriend them. These people do one of two things that make me disengage: 1) I’m all for individual opinions. I’m all for people expressing their opinions. But I don’t find it necessary to express my opinion by bashing yours. So repeat offenders of opinion bashing are being dropped. 2) Those who purposely post vague passive/aggressive status updates.
  3. My mom has always professed to love cleaning silver. I didn’t quite understand that until recently. Now I get it. There’s an instant gratification piece to it that’s very satisfying.
  4. I wear jeggings. There, I said it. Man! What a weight off my shoulders. These are the suckers I rock. 
  5. I have a new pet peeve. It drives me nuts when I text a person and they don’t text me back. I start to think, “Did they not get the text? Did they see the text, were busy, and forgot to respond? Should I text them again? Are they purposely ignoring me? How rude! Am I unloved? Will I die a lonely old woman that no one values enough to text back?” Psycho much?
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  1. Sean C.

     /  January 19, 2012

    *Love* #2, mark me for a ‘ditto’
    #5: I used to be that guy, only helpful insight is when I used to have to pay per TXT, and thus when the message did not technically require a response, much less for a quarter, it went into the no-response ether. Now, with unlimited messaging, now I’m (perhaps unfairly and ironically) on your side of the fence.

    P.S. Been hanging with Justin in Hawaii, we slip your name into conversation frequently since your blog lands in my inbox almost daily.
    P.P.S. …& my girl is now a sock bun convert, so awesome. :)

  2. Hey Sean! Glad to hear it’s not just me on some of these. I can relate on #5…not all texts need a response. But, when I’ve asked a question, I’m really expecting a response, for the love of cheese and rice!

    PLEASE tell Justin I say hello! I haven’t seen him in several years. It’s been even longer since I saw you! Time flies. I hope you guys are having a great time in HI. And power to the sock bun! It’s super cute.


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