Confession Thursday

  1. I work with a man who routinely compliments me on my choice of outfits. This comes after a bit of scrutiny from all angles. I assure you this is not skeevy – he just sincerely likes what I put together. Aside from working at CU-Boulder he’s also an actor in local theater. Often his praise of my outfits comes in the form of singing a line or two from a musical that my ensemble reminds him of. This is both awesome and awkward.
  2. I ran into a woman last night (bad pun, which you’ll understand here in a minute) who’s been in three back-to-back accidents. None of them her fault and all of them requiring years of rehabilitation. She had, no joke, just finished three years of rehab from a head-on collision when a chic, who was texting BTW, rear-ended her. I felt so bad for her I was choked up.
  3. After watching this video I promptly walked in to the bedroom where Stella was sleeping on her bed. I knelt down next to her and gave her a rousing round of skritches while whispering to her how much I love her and and how glad I am that we can give her a nice, safe, healthy life.
  4. I ordered three boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I did this to a) support a coworker’s daughter and b) to fly in the face of this shit. So far I’ve been very judicious in my consumption of the cookies, which is REALLY hard for me to do considering my first instinct is to huddle in a corner and cram them all in my face. I blame this on growing up with siblings and the need to get your share before your kid brother descends and eats everything. Yes, I’m speaking of you Logan!
  5. Every day I anxiously await news that my sister-in-law has gone into labor. I’m very excited, peeps!
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  1. Nicki

     /  January 26, 2012

    The whole Girl Scout thing PISSES me off…I agree. I’ll buy cookies just to spite that damn article lol….someone posted it on facebook SUPPORTING it and I just had to roll my eyes and bite my tongue! No need to start drama among conservative southern friends =)

  2. Amy

     /  January 26, 2012

    Thank you Annie for supporting Chloe :-) I enjoyed this post. (Especially #1. )


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