Spicing it up

I’ve been trying to break out of my routines and spice it up a bit in the wardrobe arena. A few weekends ago I wore that garment to the right out to dinner with my sister and friends. Well, I wore it over a black shirt and leggings considering it’s January. I was VERY unsure of this choice. I called my sister to ask what she was wearing explaining that my outfit was either amazing or terrifying and I couldn’t decide which. She encouraged me to persevere, which I did full well knowing that if anyone would appreciate it, she would.

On my way to her house I had to stop off at Walmart to run an errand. I was convinced I would end up on that terrible/awesome site with a caption like, “Nice caftan, old woman. Ha ha! FAIL!” While I was there it dawned on me that I didn’t have a back-up plan in case I dropped my coat at my sister’s house and she started cackling and proclaimed she couldn’t be seen with me in public. So, I bought a black, over-sized sweater to replace the caftan if need be. My sister did, however, really like my outfit, as did the ladies we dined with (or so they told me). So it was a win. But I did sweat it out. Oh, and the sweater from Walmart? Wore it to work on Monday and the singing complimentor proclaimed it “lovely”. Boo-yah!

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  1. Courage indeed! I struggle with caftans and caftan-like wardrobe pieces. If it had been my evening….

    ….there’s a high probability it would have stayed at the back of the closet.

    I really envy those who not only contemplate wearing such interesting things, but actually follow through!

  2. Yeah, I really struggled with it. But I’ve been in such a wardrobe rut for so long that I’m trying to bust out and know that, on occasion, I might fail! I don’t have the cajones to wear this to work, but I definitely see it over a tank and leggings for a summer BBQ :)

  3. Oh! Can totally see you wearing this! I think it’s lovely!


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