Confession Thursday

  1. Sometimes I find Stella’s hair in odd and disgusting places. Like my food. If it were any other dog this would totally gross me out.
  2. I find myself shocked whenever I see someone under 40 smoking. For example, I ran into a coworker the other day outside our building and he was puffing away. I couldn’t help but think, “How can you do that!? Haven’t you had it crammed down your throat since kindergarten that those will kill you!?” But, than again, I eat sugar, which is some gnarly shit, so who am I to judge?
  3. I have three words I’ve been using a lot lately: compunction, egregious, and chicanery. I think reading The Count of Monte Cristo is making me smarter!
  4. I found myself impatient behind a car recently wondering WTF they were doing up there! Then I realized the car contained parents teaching their teenage son how to drive and I immediately remembered what that felt like – nerve wracking and exciting. I imagine that’s how my folks felt, too. “Holy shit, she’s going to destroy the car. But, she’ll be able to shuttle her siblings around. YES!”
  5. I grew an impressive zit this week. It was the kind that hurts and is going to do one of two things. It’s either going to erupt and blossom on your face like, “I’m HEEEERE!” or totally recede just to show up two years from now with a vengeance. I was hoping it would blossom. The reason why? I’m a world-class zit popper. For reals. I have some serious techniques that family can vouch for. Maybe I should have been an esthetician.
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