Oil Pulling

I’ve been waiting to share this info with you for awhile. I wanted to see the dentist and get his reaction before blogging about this.

So, a few months ago I shared my adventures in cleaning my face with oil. This post prompted a conversation with a coworker about this post about oil pulling on one of her favorite blogs.  And I became intrigued.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method (you can learn more here) whereby you gently swish oil (sesame seed or sunflower only – cold pressed or refined) around in your mouth. You do this for 15-20 minutes (yes, you ready that correctly) on an empty stomach. Sounds nasty, right?

After reading up on all of the benefits, I decided to try it anyway expecting it to be gross, gross, gross. But it really wasn’t that bad. And it’s easier to pass 15 minutes than you might think. I’ll swish while I lotion up the bod after a shower. And then I’ll go make the bed and my morning tea or start making lunch for the day. On the weekends I just browse the web and BAM! 15 minutes are past.

Now, I haven’t really experienced all of these health benefits (not that I know of anyway) EXCEPT the oral health part. My mouth has never, not ever, been this clean. It’s like the oil soaks shit off the teeth and out of the cracks. Seriously, every time I do this and then brush my teeth it feels like I just came from a cleaning with the dentist.

So speaking of the dentist, they were quite surprised by how clean my teeth were. I usually get high marks from them. Between daily flossing and using a Sonicare, I keep it pretty clean in there, but the oil pulling takes it a step further.

The upshot? You should try it! And then let me know what you think.

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