I keep looking

I’ve recently come across a few sites that keep me going back.

  1. Maddie the Coonhound cracks me up. I’m pretty sure most of these photos are the real deal, which makes this dog very talented and patient, but there are a few that seem like they might be Photoshopped. Either way, I think this site is pretty inventive. This is my favorite:
  2. Moment Junkie is a site where a group of photographers take entries from other photographers who have captured stunning moments. Most of these are from weddings. Some of the shots are so breathtaking in their humanity, composition, and emotion.
  3. Anna Utopia Giordano is an Italian artist who created a really interesting project by modernizing old paintings of Venus using Photoshop. Essentially, she applies our current ideals of a woman’s body (slim with big boobs) to these paintings to show how things have shifted. It’s pretty interesting to look at. (Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the site to move the images from right to left.)

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