What a day of juicing looks like

So, I’ve finished my three day juice cleanse and I LOVED it! Best cleanse I’ve ever done. At some point I’ll do a longer cleanse, but it just wasn’t going to work in my schedule right now.

I’ve done many cleanses before and the biggest difference on this one is that I wasn’t hungry. Not once. I felt totally satisfied.

Here’s a glimpse into a day of juicing:

This bowl contains kale, spinach, carrots, beets, lemon, apples, ginger, red pepper, and cucumber. I sadly forgot the celery. This is sort of an “everything but the kitchen sink” variety.

And it goes through the juicer and bam! you get this:

The jar on the left is what came of the bowl above. On the right is grapefruit, carrot, apple, spinach. These two jars of lovely are what I consumed on Tuesday. Pure yumminess!

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