Why so grumpy, jerk?

I’ve been grumpy for a good two weeks. And not my normal once-a-month bitchiness for a few days. Instead it’s been ga-rum-PAY! for several weeks. I feel bad for the manfriend, quite frankly.

I was having the hardest time figuring out what had crawled up my tuckus and died. Then I was in yoga, all blissed out in child’s pose, and it dawned on me. HOLY BASIL! I’ve been out of holy basil for about two weeks.

Holy basil, also known as tulsi for you gardener types, is good for a ton of things (see here), but I know, hands down, that it helps me with the following:

  • Reducing stress
  • Elevating my mood
  • Mental relaxation
  • Improving my memory
  • Promoting clarity of thought and focus

I’ve been taking it consistently for several years and every so often I run out. And when I do, the value of it becomes really obvious. Isn’t that always the way? We don’t understand the value of certain things until they’re absent.

I got the manfriend to start taking holy basil about a year ago. He says the biggest thing he notes is less road rage (bonus) and a better ability to deal with morons at work (another bonus). I can attest that he’s a generally more laid back dude since starting up the holy basil.

I HIGHLY recommend the New Chapter brand. They have the purest extraction of it out there. I know you can get it at Vitamin Cottage, probably Whole Foods too. If not, here’s a link with a good price. I take three a day in the morning.

I’ve been back on the holy basil for four days and I’m not grumpy anymore. That stuff really works! Anyway, I hope you give it a shot and love it, too!

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  1. Robin Wilberger

     /  March 7, 2012

    Omg I am so glad you posted this! I have been super stressed, blood pressure throigh the roof and on permanent hissy fit status. I will be stopping by my local Whole Foods to pock me up some of this, yaaay!

  2. I’m so glad this helped you, Robin! I think it will totally help :)


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