Confession Thursday

  1. You know what really chaps my hide? When people just automatically assume that your opinion is the same as theirs. A position they make known when they make a snide remark towards your opinion under the guise that you would agree. A remark you would hope they wouldn’t make quite so snidely if they knew where you stood. I try to be the type that includes “I think” or “It’s my opinion that” but if I ever fail at this, please let me know.
  2. I couldn’t blow my nose until I was five. I’ll not give you details of what booger extraction entailed, but let’s just say it was manual and that my mom’s a saint.
  3. I find calling someone a pu$$y to state that they’re a wimp to be laughable when you consider what those suckers are made for. Therefore, I vote that we only use, “you’re such a weeny” instead. Agreed?
  4. I hate getting my hands wet. It’s because I hate when my hands feel dry. Therefore, every time my hands are wet I have to apply lotion, which gets annoying. So I try to avoid the whole scenario by not getting my hands wet all that often.
  5. I’ve reached the age where I have to trim my nose hairs pretty regularly. I thought this was something only men had to do. Lame.
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  1. 3. Totally agree! Dan Savage (sex advice columnist extraordinaire) often changes out scrotum for p*$$y in that scenario because, honestly, that is one weak part of the body.

  2. Ah yes! Scrotum is a much better word to use. Those suckers are like tissue paper! Good point :)


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