Why I’ll never be a minimalist

I look at and pin images like this to my Pintrest all the time:

To me these images show clean, white, sparse, minimal. And something about that seems so simple, fresh, relaxing. But I know better. I know that I tend to fill my home more with things that make me happy, with color, with clutter, with STUFF. Like this:


Yes, that’s a saddle in my living room. Why? Why the hell not? And the flying mermaid woman from Indonesia above has stars for nipples. They’re pretty.

Lot’s of color and texture here in the dining room. The plate wall is missing a plate. It committed suicide and took a plunge.

So sad that the wine rack is empty!

More clutter in the office.

Do minimalists grow plants up their walls?

I thought displaying all my jewelry like this would make me wear it more. It doesn’t.

Yeah, I have a scarf addiction. This display is definitely a minimalist no-no.

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  1. I also adore minimal design, but with two kids, a dog, and a husband, minimal didn’t usually last very long. But I started blitzing the house in January and it’s coming together *very* well. The key to real life minimal(at least at my house) is to have most of the background stuff in similar colors, with the stuff you love bursting with color. You have lovely colors, and I think you’d find it super simple to extend your palette to unexpected areas…

    That second picture could also fit your style though. Not the white part, but the whole wall of bookcase storage. You could corral clutter groups in coordinated fabric boxes. I’m in the middle of doing that in my sewing room with some cream damask remnants, and it looks phenomenal. I also found one of those shoe cubby things and use it to store my lovely scarf collection in it, rolled up in pretty semi-knots like they do at the stores. It looks like a piece of art in my closet- and your scarves look so beautiful, I think I may have to add more to my collection! ;)

    This is really my long winded way of saying don’t give up on minimal. You’ve probably got more of a start than you might think! :)

  2. Thanks, Kaelin! Yeah, I do love the way it looks, but find it hard to maintain since I like STUFF! Thank you for the good ideas :)

  3. This is SO MUCH me. I love the looks of super clean surfaces and blank peaceful rooms, but somehow they always look better in magazines/online. When I see them IRL, they’re almost cold? And definitely sterile. Just not me!

  4. Yeah, I agree on your point about them feeling cold. There’s a museum quality about homes like this that seem like they’re not lived in. Plus, I think I would worry about getting something dirty!


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