Confession Thursday

  1. I miss button front jeans. Levi’s to be specific. It’s just more fun to undo and do-up a button fly.
  2. It makes me sad that the informality of online invitations has also led to a lack of RSVPs. I’ve been at fault on this one too. It just seems hard to take an invitation seriously when you know was sent out to 350 people on Facebook. However, when someone sends a direct message, email, text shouldn’t that necessitate an RSVP? Have all manners gone out the window?
  3. I understand why online ads exist. I become irate when it seems nearly impossible to close them. They’re getting sneakier and sneakier. Jerks.
  4. I had a dream this week that I was hired to teach Tim Tebow how to have sex. We never got to the sex part. Only the part where I explain what foreplay is. He would get all giggly and goofy and then the dream would loop back on itself. Talk about frustrating!
  5. Ever notice those people who don’t really chew? They just take a bite, chew maybe two or three times, and swallow? I find these people fascinating. To me, the biggest pleasure in eating is the tasting and the chewing and they’re totally skipping that part. They should just have feeding tubes inserted. In fact, their guts may appreciate that because you know the digestive track is like, “Dude! Could you please do your part up there? This is a lot to handle!”
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  1. Oh man. Button-fly jeans. In addition to overalls, we should bring those back.

    • There’s my girl! I actually have button-fly jeans on today. They’re boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor Loft. It’s an awesome day!


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