Are you freeky?

I’m currently obsessed with this song. I’m not huge into music. I like what I like and I know when I like it, but I’m not the type to seek out new music regularly. So when something catches my attention and I love it instantly it’s got to be good, right?

Anyway, I can understand about half of what they’re saying (that South African accent is pretty heavy) and the video is beyond bizarre (I love it) but I find the hook/chorus contagious.

Now my favorite thing to do is cock my head to one side, make my eyes really wide, and sing “I fink you freeky and I like you a lot” in a monotone to Stella. She usually sighs and glances away nervously. It’s awesome.

And yes, mom, you’re going to likely be appalled by this video and song but I fink you freeky and I like you a lot.

* Yes, I’m misspelling freaky. It’s a part of the song, people! Oh and I’m going to the Miranda Lambert concert tomorrow night. Pretty sure these guys WILL NOT be opening for her.

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