Confession Thursday

  1. The term cutie patootie has always seemed pretty cheesy to me. But now it makes my skin absolutely crawl because of this right here. 
  2. Sometimes I think about running away and finding a job on a ranch. I’m certain I was supposed to be a cowgirl and something got mixed up along the way. The reason I believe this? My love of country music and men in cowboy boots.
  3. I say bizarre things. I’m sure this shocks you. I told a coworker the other day that I’ve smoked exactly one cigarette in my life and it was like someone took a dump in my mouth and then lit it on fire. Good thing she’s hard to offend!
  4. I have to fly today. I’m not a huge fan of flying. I have terrible motion sickness. So bad I’ve gotten sick DRIVING a car before. I’ve tried all the remedies but the only thing that really works for me is Dramamine, which makes me feel like my head is a balloon suspended three feet above my body, but not in a good way. Better than barfing in public no doubt!
  5. I’m going to give you my three biggest traffic/travel related pet peeves just because I know you care:
    • It drives me insane when people park poorly. It’s not hard, really, to park well and to make it into the spot correctly. Not doing so often means no one can park next to you and that’s just selfish and rude.
    • When pedestrians amble slowly across and intersection I honestly feel like yelling “Get a move on!” at them. Unless you’re older, disabled, a child, or walking with a child please cross intersections with some damned purpose!
    • When people turn into parking lots, driveways, etc. at 2 miles per hour it makes me crazy. It’s borderline dangerous to slow down like that with others behind you. Get out of the way for the love of…!
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