Things I know about Landon

  1. He sleeps with his tongue poking out.
  2. He loves bath time. Make sense since he’s an Aquarius.
  3. He likes to face out when being held so he can see the world around him. Unless he’s sleepy and then he wants to lie against your chest.
  4. He knows exactly what he likes and what he doesn’t and he’s not shy about letting you know his opinion.
  5. He likes having his toes kissed.
  6. A slow, low jog around the house definitely makes him happy. The bouncing quiets him right down.
  7. He farts like a grown man. He definitely gets that from my brother. You could argue that all men are ruthless farters, but I live with a man that is not, so I don’t agree.
  8. He has an incredible knack for getting fussy right when we’re trying to do something that requires both of our hands like eating, dying Easter eggs, cooking, and the like. Although, Nicki and I did manage to eat lunch together and wash the dog together yesterday afternoon. Landon threw us a bone on that one.
  9. He’s starting to smile purposely and it’s amazing.
  10. He likes walking around at night in the cool evening air.
  11. And a bonus: he’s very, very loved. That’s the best one.
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  1. Ma

     /  April 3, 2012

    12. A spectacular Auntie Annie.


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