Confession Thursday

  1. There are things known in the fashion industry as singular words that I think should be plural. When someone says, “What a lovely pink lip!” I want to shout, “Lip? I have two. Shouldn’t it be lips?” And the other day someone said “trouser.” Shouldn’t it be trousers? Odd.
  2. Being in the south automatically makes me unhealthy. All I crave is fast food and somehow my ass deflated in a matter of days. It’s bizarre and depressing.
  3. I’ve been changing diapers for six days and have yet to be peed or pooped on. This is a minor miracle.
  4. I’ve watched more TV in the past six days than I’ve watched in a long, long time. I know for sure that I don’t miss it.
  5. I head back to CO today. Landon showed me his best and he showed me his worst. And despite spit-up, a congested nose, screaming at the top of his lungs, and interrupting nearly every meal my nephew has won my heart and I will miss him tons and tons and tons.
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