Working towards a big shift

I became aware of my body as something to ruminate over and judge when I was 10. Not a day has passed since then that I haven’t thought mean, criticizing thoughts about my body several times a day. Not a day has passed when a glimpse at my reflection hasn’t brought judgement with it. Literally, not one day.

Over the years I’ve tried so many things to have the body I want – from starvation to crazy diets. But over the years I’ve also learned to know and accept certain things about my body. I can’t change my bone structure or my height or the fact that I have an apple body shape. And that knowing and accepting has been the first step towards not berating my body for what it’s not.

I recently started a nutritional program called Mojo Mastery. It’s a 5-week-long class led by Nutritionist Marcie Goldman. The whole point is to learn how to feed the body good, nutritionally dense foods that heal the body and promote wellness from the inside out thereby mastering your mojo. Sounds simple, right? Well, what I’m learning is that most of us have a skewed idea of what healthy food and eating means.

The hardest part for me so far has been taking my weight out of the equation. In the past, every time I’ve put this much time, energy, and thought into what I’m eating the whole goal has been weight loss. Right now, the whole goal is health. And with health comes optimal weight, but it can take time. Not to mention, I have to learn to be okay with what my optimal weight is as opposed to what I think it should be.

In the past, I’ve measured the success of a diet by the results I see, not necessarily how I feel. I’m trying to shift that perspective. Because, two weeks in, I feel great. I feel more in-tune with my body and I just have this sense that I’m giving it what it really needs for the first time in, well, ever. That should be more important than what a person weighs, right? I’m working on that.

So I’m feeding my body, which is a very different thing than putting food in your body.

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  1. Aimee

     /  April 24, 2012

    This is really interesting – I wonder if it might make a good story for the Camera or Stark Mag?

  2. Annie, You nailed it. Sounds like Marcie’s program brings a really healthy perspective to this whole issue. I wish there were more programs like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for reading! Yes, it’s been an amazing program and I wish everyone had access to something similar. We all operate with so many myths about health and nutrition!


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