5 things I’m loving right now

So, this past weekend was pretty busy. I was WAY low energy last week (part of detoxing/cleaning out the old body), but after an acupuncture session on Friday, my energy returned and I was able to be pretty busy this weekend. The manfriend’s mom comes into town tomorrow night and her visit has provided just the kick in the pants we needed to clean up the house and yard.

  1. A clean basement! It’s needed an overhaul for quite some time.
  2. Getting my hands back in the earth. I cleaned out a few of my flower beds and it felt good to be out in the brisk morning air.
  3. Super clean floors! I often sweep, but this time I was down on my hands and knees going for it.
  4. Game of Thrones. We just started watching the first season this weekend and love it. The Song of Fire and Ice series are some of my favorite books ever. I’m waiting until Martin is done, done, done with the series and then I’ll read them all over again. Anyone know if there’s supposed to be six or seven books total?
  5. An afternoon with my nephew Ayuba creating a cool mother’s day gift. I can’t give you more details or it’ll ruin the surprise!
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  1. The simple things are amazing. I was just reflecting on that this morning. Thanks for sharing…


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